Ceiling, Balcony Continue To Come Down

The east wing of Alumni Hall, Gnothautii, is now open from floor to ceiling with the removal of the first and second floors.

Third Floor Rendering

The third floor of Alumni Hall will be the grandest space in the building.

Video: Contractor Discusses Renovation of Alumni Hall

Kirk Anderson, Vice President of P.J. Hoerr, construction contractor for the renovation of Alumni Hall, talks to alumni at Homecoming 2013 about the renovation process.

Wood and Brick and Steel

Removal of the original plaster ceiling in the central auditorium enables this view of wood and brick from 1890 with modern structural steel beams and scaffolding.

Alumni Hall Set Designers

his shot is from 1935, not too long after Alumni Hall’s central hall was converted into the College’s theater. These two students are working on a set for that year’s production of Peer Gynt.

Foundational Breakthrough

Steel scaffolding, anchored in the basement floor, breaks through the (yet to be removed) first floor in the central section of Alumni Hall.

Thanks to over 600 alumni, parents, friends, faculty and staff, and Galesburg community donors, gifts and pledges have reached $11.7 million, the amount needed to not only pay for the construction, but also the soft costs -- technology, furniture, and building finishes -- to complete the building. Learn more about the transformation of Alumni Hall.

Members of the Knox College Board of Trustees account for more than 60 percent of the total gifts raised. We are grateful for their vision to see this project to fruition and to trustee Mark Kleine for overseeing the task force for the project.