Overhead Wood Work

Workers install plywood sheeting in the southernmost part of the ceiling of the central section of Alumni Hall — above what used to be the theatre stage in the early 20th century.

View Across South Street

This shot from the Archives is taken from the vantage point of the Knox County Courthouse, across South Street. That building to the left behind Old Main is the Knox Observatory, which was built in 1889 and demolished around the time the Center for Fine Arts was built, as it obstructed the view from Old Main to the new, stylish building. Absent from the front of Old Main is the flagpole, which was added to commemorate students and alumni lost in World War I.

Video: Contractor Discusses Renovation of Alumni Hall

Kirk Anderson, Vice President of P.J. Hoerr, construction contractor for the renovation of Alumni Hall, talks to alumni about the renovation process.

Seamstresses on the Steps

This shot from the Archives has two women perched on the steps on the south side of Alumni Hall. They appear to be doing some stitching: maybe a costume for a play in the theater?

Finishing Work on Lower Level

Drywall installation on the lower level of Alumni Hall.

Window to the Work

Looking through a window on the north side of Alumni Hall, a worker installs drywall inside the lower level.

Thanks to over 600 alumni, parents, friends, faculty and staff, and Galesburg community donors, gifts and pledges have reached $11.7 million, the amount needed to not only pay for the construction, but also the soft costs -- technology, furniture, and building finishes -- to complete the building. Learn more about the transformation of Alumni Hall.

Members of the Knox College Board of Trustees account for more than 60 percent of the total gifts raised. We are grateful for their vision to see this project to fruition and to trustee Mark Kleine for overseeing the task force for the project.