1970s Classroom

Alumni Hall Classroom circa 1970s

For those who did not experience Alumni Hall, it’s hard to imagine what a typical classroom looked like when the sides of the building used as classrooms currently look like this. This photo dates near the end of Alumni Hall’s tenure as an academic building, the 1970s. At this time, the foreign language department, the art department, the philosophy department, and a few other humanities classes had called these classroom spaces home.

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  1. I had German class during my freshman year (77-78) in a classroom like the one pictured above. Our professor, Herr Vander Meulen (who later served as associate dean) was an outstanding teacher. He was adept at using the columns in the room as part of the stage on which he performed.

    I also used the rifle range in the basement of the building to practice target shooting.

    It will be great to see Alumni Hall renovated and reopened!

  2. I had French lab in Alumni Hall between 1975-77. Our main classroom was in Old Main, but the labs were in Alumni Hall. It was the only class I ever had in the building. Looking forward to seeing it when it’s done!

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