The Hearth

The Original Gizmo in the Basement of Alumni Hall

One of the most memorable uses of the basement of Alumni Hall was as the student snack bar. Originally called The Hearth, one of its namesake fireplaces is pictured at the rear of this photo. Students, like this group from the mid 1950’s, would gather to study and enjoy snacks in the basement around the hearth. At the time of our tour for students, the pictured hearth was still standing in the basement space of Alumni Hall.

Looking Forward to Collaboration

The staff of the Bastian Family Career Center are anxiously awaiting their move to Alumni Hall. Currently located on the edge of campus in Borzello Hall, their new home will integrate the Bastian Center into the hub of campus life.

“[The move] will open more avenues of communication,” says Director Terrie Saline, “which will allow us to collaborate with other departments and offices on campus.”

The staff is excited that Alumni Hall will be the first stop for prospective students and returning alumni, and are looking forward to the walk-in traffic that will soon fill their office. “The central location on campus will increase use of our services by students,” says Saline. “We are really looking forward to the transformation of Alumni Hall.”

Central Hall Finally Cleared

Alumni Hall Renovation, March 2014 - Knox CollegeWith the original wood floor, stage and balcony now entirely removed, foundation work continues in the central section that once used as an auditorium, later a library, a theatre, and finally offices; in the background, new steel floor panels are visible in one of the wings.

Springtime Stroll

Students Walking Outside South Side of Alumni Hall After 1960

As we start to experience warmer April days, here’s a hopeful shot of two classmates walking on the south side of Alumni Hall near the Lombard bell during good weather. This shot is dated around 1960, which is easy to see given the outfits and hair worn by these students.

New Space Means New Opportunities

In the Gerald and Carol Vovis Center for Research and Advanced Study, Interim Director Mariangela Maguire is eager for the move to Alumni Hall. “I look forward to working more closely with the Bastian Center, the Stellyes Center, and the Kleine Center,” she says. “All four programs support Knox students in their efforts to challenge themselves intellectually by taking what they learn in the classroom and applying it through international experiences, internships, community service, and research.”

Though the staff of the Vovis Center enjoys their central location in Old Main, they look forward to the opportunity for even more crossing of paths and sharing of ideas. “Our work overlaps in important ways and the close proximity of our program offices in the new space will allow us to capitalize on those areas of overlap.”

The relocation also means much more space for the Vovis Center, which they plan to use for the Horizons showcase of student work, to host Knox Ford Fellowship Program seminars, and scholarship and fellowship application workshops.

“A new space means opportunities we haven’t even thought of yet,” says Maguire. “We look forward to working with Knox students and the other occupants of the building to be creative and thoughtful in making the most of the renovated Alumni Hall.”