Gerald and Carol Vovis Center for Research and Advanced Study

A Knox student completes research for her Honors project that will be presented through the Gerald and Carol Vovis Center for Advanced Study.Independent research, scholarship, and creative work are the hallmark of Knox’s educational program. An estimated 85 percent of Knox students complete an independent research or creative project by the time they graduate, and 53 percent report working on a research project with a faculty member outside of course or program requirements, compared to 37 percent reported at peer institutions.

The Gerald and Carol Vovis Center for Research and Advanced Study is the place where research, scholarship, and creative work will be showcased. The Center oversees a wide range of programs that support advanced work in the natural and social sciences, humanities, and creative and performing arts. The Center also coordinates nearly $250,000 awarded annually to Knox students for approximately 350 independent study and research projects. Learn more about the Gerald and Carol Vovis Center for Research and Advanced Study.

1970s Classroom

Alumni Hall Classroom circa 1970s

For those who did not experience Alumni Hall, it’s hard to imagine what a typical classroom looked like when the sides of the building used as classrooms currently look like this. This photo dates near the end of Alumni Hall’s tenure as an academic building, the 1970s. At this time, the foreign language department, the art department, the philosophy department, and a few other humanities classes had called these classroom spaces home.

Office of Alumni Relations

Alumni join together for activities across the country through the Office of Alumni Relations.When asked to share their favorite things about Knox, alumni immediately mention the friendships that began in classrooms and dorm rooms that have lasted a lifetime. Alumni Relations is where these relationships will continue to develop and flourish. Each fall at Homecoming, upwards of 1,000 alumni return to campus to attend dinners, receptions, classes, and reunions around campus and the Galesburg community. And when they visit campus, alumni reestablish relationships with faculty and interact with current students, assisting them in their educational and career pursuits.

Alumni Relations also coordinates more than 40 events held across the country and around the world each year, from baseball games and museum tours to pub nights and picnics. And Alumni Relations is where alumni are honored, whether it is for their service to the College or the world beyond. Learn more about the Office of Alumni Relations.

Inside “Knowledge”

Alumni Hall Renovation Update - January 2014The student literary society that once occupied this east wing of Alumni Hall, Gnothautii, reportedly chose a name based on ancient Greek words that mean, roughly, “know thyself.” It’s safe to say that you, the visitors to this blog, are the first to “know” this part of the building from top to bottom, basement to roof, following the removal of the old first and second floors in January 2014. New floors will be installed as part of the renovation.

Bastian Family Center for Career and Pre-Professional Development

Career preparation at Knox does not begin during the last term senior year, nor does it end Knox College students learn about externship opportunities through the Center for Career and Pre-Professional Development.with Commencement. Students come to the Center early in their Knox experience to assess their interests, explore career options that will drive the course of their education, and browse through a library of resources on careers, employers, and graduate and professional schools. Online tools allow students to navigate the job search process. Through counseling sessions, students will learn the interviewing and negotiating skills and job search strategies that will assist them with their goals, whether that is to receive an internship, attend the graduate program that best meets their needs, or obtain that first job post-Knox that will lead to a successful, fulfilling career.

But the assistance doesn’t stop when students leave campus. All of the resources that are available to students — from self-assessment to job search strategies and a myriad of career management tools — are also available to alumni at the Bastian Family Center for Career and Pre-Professional Development in Alumni Hall. Learn more about the Bastian Family Center for Career and Pre-Professional Development.

Office of Admission and Class of 1963 Office of Financial Aid

A Knox Admission Student Ambassador gives a tour to prospective students.Admission counselors travel the globe, attending college fairs and meeting with students to share all that Knox has to offer and to help prospective students determine if Knox is the best fit for their goals and aspirations. But nothing can help these students determine if Knox is their best choice like a visit to the Knox campus. Almost 60% of students admitted to Knox say that their visit “sealed the deal.”

Alumni Hall will be the jumping-off point to experiencing life as a Knox student. Prospective students will meet with professors, coaches, and counselors. They will be drawn into the life of the College, where they will tour campus, attend classes, watch performances, and eat lunch in the Hard Knox Café, learning about the Knox experience. Learn more about the Office of Admission and Financial Aid.