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Free Country, Free Software

Written by Firas Suqi ’13 With less than a month leading up to the presidential election, the debates between both parties are really starting to heat up. This week, we took a step back from the main issues being debated, instead … Continue reading

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Dark Money

Written by Robyn Wright ’13 “Dark money.” It sounds like a phrase you would first hear out of the Star Wars Trilogy, but in reality it’s what’s helping finance this election. Dark money is the technique by which wealthy campaign … Continue reading

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The Culture War — Religion as a Voting Indicator

Written by Firas Suqi ’14 So far, the focus of our lectures has been on the specific stances each party holds in regards to issues of the economy or the environment. This week, Professor Duane Oldfield discussed the demographics of … Continue reading

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Church, State, and Political Pandering

Written by Rana Tahir’13 On Tuesday, the Elections 2012! class received a lecture from Professor Duane Oldfield on the role religion plays in politics. Dividing the class into a Republican camp and a Democrat camp (not based on actual affiliations), … Continue reading

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Clean Air and the Real Issues We Are Facing

Written by Jessica Oakley ’15 Hi ya’ll! After writing my blog post about week 3, I thought this week I could add a little bit about myself. I am sophomore at Knox from Houston, Texas. I decided to take Election … Continue reading

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Fossil fuels, fracking, and jobs

Written by Robyn Wright ‘13 This week in Election 2012, the concept of debate was oil and energy. Surprisingly, the strive for renewable resources is less emphasized this year than in the 2008 election. This is because better technology has … Continue reading

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