Introductions Are Fun

Written by Rana Tahir’ 13, a Knox senior from Kuwait who is double-majoring in creative writing and political science.

Welcome to another year at Knox College! My name is Rana, and I am blogging for you out there to follow Knox’s “Elections 2012!” class.

Just a little background on the class and myself, the class is divided into two sections. Each section has about 25 students (I believe, haven’t counted yet) and follows two different patterns.  While Speaker A is in class 1, Speaker B is in class 2, then the next week they switch. So on, so forth until both sections have had all speakers.

Each speaker is a Knox professor from different disciplines to talk about the election from his or her academic point of view. So basically, one week you have a discussion on the economy, another week gay marriage, and on and on.

Now that you know about the class, here’s a little about myself – a.k.a. the boring stuff.

As I said, my name is Rana. I’m Pakistani but grew up in Kuwait. I’ve always kept up with U.S. elections (what happens here has repercussions for everyone else).

And overall, I’m just a political junkie… so this class is perfect for me! Though I’m not American, I’ve lived in the U.S. since I was 16. So I may throw around “we” when I mean Americans, or whatever other group I identify with.

I do hope you stick with me as I navigate this class and all the different aspects of elections presented at Knox.

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