Written by Rana Tahir ’13

So this is it, we’ve come at the end of the course, and the end of an election cycle.

Election Night: Candidate cake

The Election Night party was fun; I ended up getting a balloon with a little light in it — so much fun!

At times when states were “called” for one candidate or the other, you could hear an eruption of applause. There were three different news stations up, and many people on their laptops. Oh! There was presidential candidate cake!

Overall it was a fun night, and a nice way to spend the election. We returned to class Thursday, and this Tuesday (November 13) for a final lecture from Professor Andrew Civettini. He was nice enough to bring blue and red cupcakes to class. We also had a visit from Professor Kelton Williams’ dog, Hank.

Closing remarks:

Barack Obama is the president of the United States for a second term. Karl Rove had a public meltdown. Lincoln movie commercials were repeated. Often. And we’re at the point where we try to bring the country back together. A refrain of “let’s be friends again” is sung all over.

I personally would like to thank anyone and everyone who read this blog, Professor Civettini, all our lecturers, Hank and Madison (Professor Williams’ dogs), and Knox for hosting this.

It was a pleasure. Now go hug someone from across the aisle.

Election Night 2012 party

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