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Clean Air and the Real Issues We Are Facing

Written by Jessica Oakley ’15 Hi ya’ll! After writing my blog post about week 3, I thought this week I could add a little bit about myself. I am sophomore at Knox from Houston, Texas. I decided to take Election … Continue reading

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Fossil fuels, fracking, and jobs

Written by Robyn Wright ‘13 This week in Election 2012, the concept of debate was oil and energy. Surprisingly, the strive for renewable resources is less emphasized this year than in the 2008 election. This is because better technology has … Continue reading

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The Lesser of Two E’s

Written by Firas Suqi ’14 Environmental issues tend to get less attention than the more fashionably debated “E” word of this election, the economy. While last week we tackled the 1.4 trillion problems facing the economy, this week geologist Katie … Continue reading

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Food for Thought

Written by Rana Tahir ’13 As a foreigner, when U.S. elections come around, my ear is mostly open for the foreign policy issues; it’s my shtick. But this week in “Elections 2012!” (enthusiastic name, isn’t it?), we discussed the economy … Continue reading

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Budget Deficit and Government Spending

Written by Firas Suqi, a junior from Chicago, Illinois, and an anthropology-sociology major at Knox. Professor Scotton really simplified the issues surrounding the budget deficit and government spending so that an anthropology and sociology major (who has never taken an … Continue reading

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“It’s the Stupid Economy, Folks!”

Written by Robyn Wright, a senior from Elburn, Illinois, and a biology major at Knox. “It’s the stupid economy, folks!” Carol Scotton, professor of economics and business and management, led this week in Election 2012. Our assignment for the week … Continue reading

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Introductions Are Fun

Written by Rana Tahir’ 13, a Knox senior from Kuwait who is double-majoring in creative writing and political science. Welcome to another year at Knox College! My name is Rana, and I am blogging for you out there to follow … Continue reading

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