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The Political Power of Teachers’ Unions

Written by Robyn Wright ’13 Unfortunately, neither Democrats nor Republicans seem to support teachers’ unions. Our final week in Election 2012 focused on education, which was of great interest to me as my mother is teacher and member of the … Continue reading

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The Right to Education

Written by Firas Suqi ’13 This (past) week was our last lecture before the election next Tuesday, and Assistant Professor of Educational Studies Kelton Williams discussed what he would describe as one of the least-debated topics, the role of federalism … Continue reading

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This Week on the Magic Schoolbus…

Written by Rana Tahir ’13 This week, we discussed the behemoth, education policy, with Kelton Williams, Knox assistant professor of educational studies. The central question was: Who gets to decide on the education of millions of students? Professor Williams gave … Continue reading

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