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Didn’t Catch That? Don’t Worry; It’ll Be Replayed on Every News Channel, Forever…

Written by Rana Tahir ’13 This week, Professor (David) Amor shared his knowledge on the role of the media in elections, what he called “like the role of water in the life of a fish.” Because there are no face-to-face … Continue reading

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Election 2012 and the Media

Written by Robyn Wright ’13 Professor (David) Amor dumbfounded the class this week with the following statement: “Everything we know or think we know about the candidates we know from the media.” Not one member of our class has met … Continue reading

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Media’s Influence in the Election

Written by Firas Suqi ’13 “Asking what the role of media is in the presidential election is like asking what the role of water is for fish.” David Amor (Knox College Instructor of Journalism and Anthropology-Sociology) mentioned this quote when … Continue reading

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