The Swim Edition

While we are in our cook groups making dinner a few days into the trip, Philip Bennett decides he wants to take a swim. At first, most people think he is joking. It had been quite cold and very rainy the previous few days, and it had not been much better on that day.

Additionally, keeping warm and dry were two of the most important things for us to do, so taking a swim in the less than 50-degree water seemed insane. But it happened! Some of them even brought some biodegradable soap and shampoo to clean up a bit.

Here are some pictures from the adventure:

Kyle Walenga ’13, Zoe Marzluff ’15, James Fenner ’14, Marie Anderson ’14, and Reina Galvan ’15 run into the 50-degree water on a rainy day.

James Fenner ’14, Kyle Walenga ’13, and Reina Galvan ’15 wash up and have fun.

Even though it was super cold, Marie Anderson ’14 stayed in the water extra long and enjoyed a swim.


Philip Bennett ’14 pretends to swim like a sea otter.

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