Eating All Day

During the kayaking portion, our guides told us that it was important to snack all day to keep our energy levels up and keep us warm. That was not hard for any of us to do! Because of its importance, I decided there should be a whole entry about it.

In addition to snacking all day, we often ate wild food. We harvested beach asparagus or Salicornia virginca with pasta and burritos. We cut up bull kelp to put in beans and rice, ate wild goose tongue greens, salmonberries and twisted stalk when we could find it. On one occasion, a couple of us harvested limpets from the shoreline and used them in pasta (pictured below). Limpets are aquatic gastropod mollusks, or snails, that have a conical shell. They are really delicious and made the pasta especially tasty!

We ate something really unexpected while in the wild. Guess what it was? PIZZA!

We made the dough from scratch, which was really fun. We mixed up the flour and the yeast with warm water. To get the yeast to rise, we put the kneaded dough into plastic, sealable bags and put them under our shirts, using our bellies as our own personal ovens. It was really fun to be eating pizza in the wilderness!

When we got back to town for our fisheries portion of the course, we ate a lot of salmon (King, sockeye, coho, and pink), halibut, black cod, and rockfish. In addition, a group of us went and picked salmonberries so we could make salmonberry jam. We made two jams: salmonberry and then a salmonberry-strawberry mix. The salmonberry jam ended up more like syrup, but is still delicious and great to put on ice cream.

In addition to the jam, we canned sockeye and coho that we caught during the fishing practicums to take home, too. Our guide’s wife, Patti, showed us how to can salmon. It was a really fun learning from a Sitkan how to do so.

This blog is wrapping up as the course finished this weekend, but there will be a few more posts, so check them out!

Hannah Black ’14 shows our enthusiasm for snack time

My group’s wild Alaskan pasta with harvested limpets and beach asparagus

The green circle in the middle is a delicious limpet!

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2 Responses to Eating All Day

  1. Steve says:

    Well Guys,

    what can I say, I’ve been fishing for almost 25 years & have only just learned from your video, that you can actually eat LIMPETS..?
    Ok I knew about Cockles, Mussels, Winkles, Scallops & Whelks, but LIMPETS..?

    Well you live & learn I guess.

  2. Audrey Todd says:

    You’re welcome! I’m glad you learned something new. They are really tasty, especially in a cream sauce.