Gender-neutral restrooms ease anxiety

Knox is listed among schools with gender-neutral restrooms on campus.
Excerpt from the Chicago Tribune:

This fall, the single-stall bathrooms on American University’s campus are getting a name change. In the next month and a half, signs that once designated the toilet for men or women will be replaced with the more general term “restroom.”

The change is more than cosmetic. It’s part of a movement on university campuses that recognizes that not everyone fits neatly under the labels of male and female, and that some students or staff may feel uncomfortable using a men’s or women’s restroom. To accommodate them, an increasing number of colleges and universities are designating bathrooms as gender-neutral……

More schools switching

According to a GenderPAC survey conducted in 2007, 141 schools have established gender-neutral restrooms. Illinois schools that have such facilities include the University of Chicago, which has had them since at least 2004, Knox College and the University of Illinois, according to GenderPAC.