Faculty research featured in Earth Times

From: Earth Times (Ripon, N. Yorkshire, UK)

Research by Knox professors Jennifer Templeton and James Mountjoy is noted as “the very first demonstration of visual mate choice lateralisation.” They and colleagues in Australia found that the male Gouldian finch uses only the right eye to evaluate potential mates; research originally published in Biology Letters.

British web site EarthTimes reports: “Your colour, your size and your song are what matters if you are a bird choosing a mate. In a polymorphic species, where several colour variations exist side-by-side, mates are chosen often because they match the chooser. But in the very rare and absolutely beautiful Gouldian finches (Erythrura gouldiae) from northern Australia, this can only happen with the use of the right eye, linked internally to the brain’s left hemisphere The zebra finch also uses his right eye to eye up his female during a static early stage of courtship. This seems to mean that these birds have a strong specialisation in each hemisphere for different tasks…” Read more…