Knox Grad Pursues Citizenship, Research

From: Montana State University (Bozeman, MT)

The University of Montana showcases Knox College alumna Oliwia Zurek for her work in immunology, advocacy for science research and her new status as a US citizen: Oliwia Zurek hadn’t been a United States citizen for a full week before she headed off to Washington, D.C., to meet with Montana’s congressional delegation.

“It was kind of overwhelming,” said Zurek, [a 2010 Knox graduate] who is in her third year of pursuing a doctorate in immunology and infectious diseases.”I was taking my citizenship exam and going through a swearing-in ceremony on Friday, and on (the following) Tuesday I was walking around the Capitol going to meetings with senators and house representatives.”

The native of Poland was part of a program that brought 20 students and post-doctoral researchers from across the country to Washington in mid September to advocate for the preservation of funding that helps support basic scientific research in the biomedical field… Read more…