Journalist Repeats Knox Psychology Study

From: KDVR Fox 31 News (Denver, CO)

Psychology research at Knox College that indicated girls as young as six were interested in looking ‘sexy,’ prompted Kim Posey of Fox 31 Denver to “put together a similar survey of girls” in the Denver area KDVR reports. “The results were equally as surprising… Researchers at Knox College in Illinois showed 60 girls ages six to nine two paper dolls. One was dressed in a very revealing outfit, and one was dressed in a more covered outfit. Sixty-eight percent of the girls said they wanted to look like the ‘sexy’ doll, and 72 percent thought the ‘sexy’ doll would be more popular… Kim surveyed 15 girls in second and third grade [in a Denver after school program]… 80 percent picked the ‘sexy’ girl as the popular girl…” Read more… and see Knox in the News for more coverage of the research by Knox graduate Christy Starr and her faculty advisor Gail Ferguson.