Michael Jordan helps high school students succeed

Michael Jordan helps students who strive for a better future at Hales Franciscan High School in Chicago. A recent story in the Chicago Sun Times mentions Jordan’s visit with Hales’ students — including a future Knox College student.


Hearing about teenagers such as LeeAnder Alexander blossoming from a shy, quiet freshman to a confident, aspiring computer scientist gives Jordan “great pleasure that I’ve committed myself and my time and my money” to Hales, where nearly 100 percent of graduates go on to college.

Little did Jordan know, Alexander, 17, reverted to his nervous alter ego when he found himself passing the butter to the 6-foot-6-inch guard he used to watch on TV when Alexander was barely out of his diapers.

“I wanted to [ask Jordan for his autograph]. But I kept it professional,” said Alexander, who plans to attend Knox College next year.

“I always saw him as superhuman,” said senior Clayton Wilson, 17. “Sitting next to him, I realized that he’s human too.”