Obama’s Knox Speech was Model for Others

From: New York Magazine (New York, NY)

[White House speech writer Jon] Favreau worked on hundreds of speeches, but it was a little-known 2005 graduation address at Knox College, a school of 1,400 students in Galesburg, Illinois, that he has pointed to in interviews as the Ur-text for many of the Obama-Favreau collaborations that followed.

Writer Reid Cherlin (who worked alongside Favreau as a White House spokesman) provides a sampling of lines from the speech [at Knox] that have had second lives: “At the end of the Civil War… big factories that were sprouting up all across America, we had to decide: Do we do nothing and allow captains of industry and robber barons to run roughshod over the economy and workers by competing to see who can pay the lowest wages at the worst working conditions?”… There is no community-service requirement in the real world; no one is forcing you to care… But I hope you don’t walk away from the challenge…” Read more…