Aspen columnist gives thanks

Aspen Times columnist Jon Maletz counts his blessings on Thanksgiving

Excerpt from the Aspen Times Weekly:

Yes, there is a veritable cornucopia of reasons to be thankful this year. I’m sure our lists aren’t all that different….

I’m thankful the college football season is nearing the finish line. If Syracuse and Notre Dame lose any more games, I might have to go into hiding. I need a new rooting interest – I’m considering bowling or amateur mutton busting.

I’m thankful for rivalries. Nothing epitomizes holiday spirit quite like dusting off the “Kick ’em in the Crouch” T-shirt and boning up on a few time-honored jokes (the N on the Nebraska helmet stands for knowledge, in case you were curious) for the annual CU-Nebraska tussle. Nothing says Thanksgiving quite like Knox College and Monmouth’s battle for the Bronze Turkey Trophy. My favorite has to be Augsburg College versus Hamline University. Why? The winner of the annual fracas takes home a trophy named The Hammer.