Knox Grad: Feds AP Phone Data Grab “Large Intrusion Into Newsgathering”

From: PBS: Newshour

Judy Woodruff of PBS Newshour talks with [Knox College graduate] David Schulz, legal counsel for the Associated Press, about the procedures for accessing information from the news media about confidential sources, what constitutes “crossing the line” by the government and whether the current investigation was justified by the gravity of the situation.

[Schulz told PBS] “this was really a very large-scale intrusion into AP’s news-gathering activities… if the government can get from the press any time it wants to information about who its sources are, pretty soon the only thing we are ever going to know about the government is what the government wants to tell us. This just really is not how things work. And it’s a tremendous adverse effect on a free press…” Read more…