Alumna reflects on Galesburg 40 years after college days

Excerpt from a guest opinion written by Sue Deans, Knox Trustee and Visiting Professor of Journalism:

The job that brought me back this fall was teaching journalism at Knox. I graduated in 1970 with a degree in English and stayed in Galesburg another three years after that. I worked at Carl Sandburg College as public information officer during its campaign to fund a permanent campus, and I was head resident at Knox’s Williston Hall, where I lived with my infant son. Born at the old St. Mary’s Hospital, he is now 36, a Knox grad himself and a CPA who is an accounting software consultant.

While I’ve returned a number of times for homecoming and other events at Knox, this year’s stay was lengthy, from early September until mid-November. I lived in a small furnished apartment close to the campus, just a half-block from one on Cherry Street where I lived as a student. I walked everywhere and took advantage of the new fitness center at the college.

It was a challenge to take my 30 years of newspaper experience and translate them into the classroom. It’s heartening that Knox has a journalism program now.

Its heritage of journalism is strong, dating back to Knox’s first woman graduate, Ellen Browning Scripps, a key figure with her brother in founding the E.W. Scripps Co., coincidentally my employer for eight years before I retired in May.

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