Knox Faculty Helped Reform Galesburg

From: The Register Mail (Galesburg, IL)

In Galesburg, from the 1930s until around 1957… corrupt [public officials] purposely looked the other way when underage drinking, gambling and vice got a grip on Galesburg… But there was a group of very brave men who took on the power brokers in town, and in return received anonymous threats, and at least one known episode of violence that included the actual bombing of a [Knox College professor’s] house on North Broad Street….

One lone city alderman, Owen Budd, popular Knox College professor Alvin White, the Council of Churches and local civic groups stood up to the council, the city attorney and the mayor, and with a supportive audience in the chambers at each council meeting, would bring up these matters again and again… The vice began slowly giving way, especially after the council-manager form of government was put into place [in 1957]… Read more…