Praise for NY Times Feature by Knox Grad

From: Advertising Age (New York, NY)

In “The Jockey,” The New York Times’ new 10,000-word profile of horse racing legend Russell Baze… Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist [and 1971 Knox graduate] Barry Bearak profiles the 55-year-old Mr. Baze, who has ridden and won more races than anyone else in his sport. The story is told in not only words, but also with video and lush photography by Chang Lee.

“Instead of a page-turning thriller on top of a mountain, this is a beautifully written profile piece,” said Jason Stallman, sports editor at The New York Times… Mr. Bearak did several weeks of reporting on Mr. Baze and — after winning extraordinary access to not only Mr. Baze but also the people close to him… Read more at Advertising Age…