Local Voting Patterns Track State

From: NBC TV 5 (Chicago, IL)

President Obama at Knox CollegeThere’s another, more obscure, county that also serves as a bellwether for Illinois. That’s little Knox County, pop. 52,000, in northwestern Illinois. In every election since 1964, [Knox County] has voted for the candidate who won the state’s electoral votes… Knox County has another presidential distinction: it’s the home of Knox College, in Galesburg, where both Barack Obama (then a senator) and Bill Clinton have delivered commencement speeches.

Unlike many Downstate counties, Knox County voted for Clinton and Obama in both their elections, but it also voted for Michael Dukakis, Al Gore and John Kerry — who [lost the Presidency, while they] won Illinois… Read more at NBC TV 5… Read more about Barack Obama at Knox, and other US presidents at Knox