Faculty Expert Offers Advice on Study Abroad

From: Stacie Berdan Careers

Study abroad doesn’t have to break the bank. There is a lot of information out there online, on campus, and in the form of firsthand experience from friends and other students who’ve recently returned from studying abroad. Before you decide NOT to go due to cost, do your research… Knox College Associate Professor of Modern Languages Robin Ragan worked with the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment and recently conducted a survey to discover what holds students back from study abroad. The number one reason: cost.

“A lot of times [not being able to afford it] is an assumption that students make upfront, but they don’t really have numbers at their side to prove they can’t afford it,” Ragan said. “Our challenge is getting to students who assume they can’t study abroad because of the cost before they even attend the info sessions.” Read more at Stacie Berdan Careers…