College admissions reach new record

Excerpt from the Galesburg Register Mail:

The competition for spots in the incoming classes at two local colleges gets more difficult every year.

At Knox College, where there are roughly 350 spots for incoming students, the admission office has already seen more than six times that amount of applications.

“We’re running roughly 10 percent ahead of last year,” said Paul Steenis, Knox’s dean of admissions. The college has, as of Tuesday, received 2,263 applications, many of those seeking early action. Roughly half, or about 175 students, of an incoming class comes from early action admissions, due Dec. 1. The other half comes from the regular decision deadline, which is creeping up on Feb. 1.

When all is said and done, Steenis believes Knox will have upwards of 2,700 applications. “We finished last year at a record 2,540 applications for admission,” he stated. “It certainly seems like we’re on track this year for exceeding” that number….

….And not only are the institutions seeing an upswing in the numbers of students applying, but they are also seeing better resumes from applicants.

“We’ve seen some shifts” in applicants’ qualifications, Steenis said. Most notably, the college sees “students every year who have taken more and more AP (Advanced Placement) courses. I think there’s a tendency for students to be better prepared for college than at any point in the past.”