Faculty Research Noted by Swedish Group

From: Curie (Swedish Research Council, Stockholm, Sweden)

Who has not dreamed of a Louis Vuitton bag, iPhone 5, or to decorate with furniture by Arne Jacobsen? … It need not be so dramatic preference as above, but can be about something as simple as wanting a jacket of a particular brand over a similar unbranded. Many believe that owning things that have status is directly linked to well-being and happiness. But if you have strong materialistic preferences, how does it affect where the ability to live in relationship with others?

In a classic study Tim Kasser [professor of psychology at Knox College] and Richard Ryan examined how people with strong preference for materialistic values ​​experienced their relationships… The study shows that people with a strong desire to show off financial well-being are less socially oriented and are less able to integrate with their surroundings… Read more at Curie… Read more about Tim Kasser