Young Dems turn out for election coverage

Excerpt from the Register-Mail:

The living room of the Sigma Nu fraternity house on the Knox College campus was the site of a historic bet.

Sophomore Elizabeth Coleman, president of Knox College Democrats, shook hands with senior Alex Enyart. The two support the same political party, but each had different views on the outcomes of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary elections.

Coleman was all for seeing Hillary Clinton win, knowing the candidate would pull herself up after a crushing defeat in Iowa. Enyart, who filled out his absentee ballot while watching the returns, had faith that Barack Obama would continue the momentum he gained several days ago, pulling ahead at the last moment to a New Hampshire victory. Clinton won, so Coleman is $5 richer.

And even in a room full of Democrats, there was one supporter of Ron Paul, the Republican underdog gaining a huge following among the young.