Knox banners fly for Lincoln

Excerpt from the Register-Mail:

The 150th anniversary of the famed Lincoln/Douglas Debate at Knox College will be celebrated during 2008. A multitude of “Star-Spangled” banners supporting both Abe Lincoln and Stephen Douglas were in evidence before and during the historical debate.

When Lincoln was escorted to the home of former Galesburg Mayor Henry Sanderson, a beautiful banner prepared by the ladies of Galesburg was given to Abe by Miss Ada Hurd with the inscription, “Presented to the Hon. A. Lincoln by the Republican Ladies of Galesburg, Oct. 7, 1858.” Very descriptive banners were in evidence from supporters from Wataga, Henderson and Monmouth.

The principal banner in behalf of Douglas near the debate stand was a very large blue one with the inscription in favor of Douglas and Popular Sovereignty. Hanging immediately above the speakers’ stand was a prominent banner bearing the inscription, “Knox College For Lincoln.”

Lombard College students gave it to Abraham Lincoln, Abe gave it to a close friend, Mark Delahay of Kansas, and 100 years after the debate the State Historical Society of Kansas gave it on permanent loan to Knox College.