Students recreate history

Knox history students set the scene as part of their final exam in history class, recreating the 1858 Lincoln-Douglas Debate.

Excerpt from the Register Mail:

Louisa Abbot walked a short distance to Knox College’s Old Main to see Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas debate in 1858, and she was one of the lucky ones.

“Louisa Abbot,” a composite character played by Knox College junior Sara Patterson of Geneseo, would have been a student at Knox Academy when the two state politicians rolled into town as part of their campaigns for state senate…..

The debate site was re-created Tuesday morning in the Ford Center for the Fine Arts by 15 Knox history students as a final project for assistant professor of history Catherine Denial’s “Museums, Monuments and Memory” course, an upper-division history class designed to give students a more hands-on taste of chronicling the past. “A lot of history majors go into careers in museums or archives management,” Denial said. “I wanted to have something where they could experience that in college.”

So, she proposed a final project which would give her students the chance to research and design an exhibit about the historic debates, putting them in charge of all aspects of the design and logistical planning.

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