Knox researcher claims materialistic children more depressed

The Epoch Times, Dublin, Ireland:


Abela and his team of student researchers are conducting a study of approximately 1,000 adolescents in Montreal and Shanghai. He found that the rapid change in China’s culture and its embrace of materialism has increased depression rates.

“Materialists have a fragile sense of self because their worth depends on attaining external things. The quality of their interpersonal relationships suffers and they feel more stress while pursuing extrinsic goals,” Abela said in a McGill magazine.

Psychologist Tim Kasser of Knox College found materialistic children have less self-esteem, less happiness and describe experiencing more signs of anxiety than their peers.

Studies of adults link materialism to poor relationships and unhappiness and researchers at the University of Newcastle, Australia, found materialistic people were more likely to experience anger and depression.

Researchers have also been aware of a connection between depression and increased alcoholism and illicit drug use, but the connection can be complicated.