“A Passage to India” nets rave reviews

Elizabeth Carlin-Metz’s production of A Passage to India receives rave reviews from Chicago theater critics.

Excerpt from the Chicago Sun Times:

Vitalist Theatre, whose creative roots extend from Chicago to the Galesburg, Ill., campus of Knox College (where Elizabeth Carlin-Metz, its exceedingly gifted founder-director, is a professor of theater), sets up shop at the Theatre Building here about once a year. And invariably it unveils a work of great literature that has been adapted with fierce intelligence; a thrilling devotion to movement, music and design, and a unique feel for place and character….

….Even fans of David Lean’s extraordinary 1985 film version will not be disappointed. This production is a true “jewel in the crown.”

Excerpt from Chicagocritic.com:

Director Elizabeth Carlin-Metz specializes in mounting epic theatre projects. Her King Lear, Anna Karenina and last year’s hit, Mother Courage and Her Children, have placed her into an elite category of directors. Her latest work, A Passage to India, now playing at the Theatre Building Chicago’s West stage, may be her best directorial achievement to date. This lady knows how to tell a large scale story in a stunning theatrical manner.