Knox nets basketball recruit Ben Wetherbee

Excerpt from the Northwest Herald:

Ben Wetherbee had a lot to consider the past few months regarding his future in basketball.

The Woodstock senior looked at walking on at NCAA Division I Wisconsin-Milwaukee. There also was a similar opportunity at D-II Florida Tech. And, there was the matter of a family legacy he could follow to D-III Knox College in Galesburg.

Wetherbee, who led the area in scoring (18.8 points a game) and free-throw percentage (88.2 percent), decided he would rather take a shot at the surest thing and this week told Knox coach Rob Purlee he would play for the Prairie Fire.

“The bottom line was, I figured I wasn’t going to make a career out of basketball,” Wetherbee said. “I didn’t want to have to work my butt off to get in and maybe play a little bit when I could play four years somewhere else.

“I have four years left to play, so I want to spend it playing and not sitting on the end of a bench. I want to see my hard work pay off.”

Knox will get a supreme shooter in the 6-foot-2 guard. Wetherbee hit 63 three-pointers, which was third among area players even though he missed Woodstock’s last 10 games. Wetherbee attended one semester of his senior year in Sydney, Australia, before coming to the U.S. last summer.