Knox sophomore opts for two wheels instead of four

Excerpt from the Bloomington News-Gazette:

Sarah Hoyle-Katz could have been a car owner right now.

Her grandmother offered to buy her a car, and she could have been driving wherever she wanted to go, come home from Knox College in Galesburg regardless of a bus schedule.

Most 19-year-olds would want that freedom, right?

Not Hoyle-Katz. She’s got a driver’s license, but she’ll keep her two wheels and two pedals, thank you very much…..

…..Now that she’s working this summer, she estimates she cycles about 70 miles a week, to work, from work, around town – the commute alone is daily exercise, she said, and particularly helpful because it doesn’t aggravate her bad knee. As she cycles, she’s often not alone. She said her boyfriend has gotten a bike and is contemplating a car-free lifestyle.