Knox cafeteria getting greener

Excerpt from the Chicago Tribune:

In one of the latest—and perhaps quirkiest—environmentally conscious initiatives, cafeteria trays are becoming as outdated as mystery meat.

Ditching the trays decreases food waste, conserves water and energy used in cleaning and reduces the need for polluting detergents, according to proponents of trayless dining. The move comes as campuses are competing to be the greenest by starting bike-sharing programs, adding environmental majors, focusing on energy efficiency and hiring “sustainability” coordinators….

….The cafeteria at Knox College in Galesburg also will be tray-free when students begin classes this week. Instead of disposable takeout containers, students will get a free Tupperware-style container they can use, return dirty and trade in for a clean one. Students who lose them will be charged $5 for a replacement. The change will eliminate the use of 120,000 foam containers a year, said Helmut Mayer, Knox’s director of dining services.