Knox alumna shines in Chicago theater production

From the Chicago Tribune:

Throughout almost all the experimental version of “Dracula” at the Building Stage, they don’t say a single word, instead treating the whole thing as a kind of creepy graphic novel or silent movie, replete with stylized gestures and little bits of projected text. No problem there. You don’t go to “Dracula” for the dialogue. You go for the exposed necks and the intrusive fangs…..

Like most of the work at the Building Stage, one of the few Chicago theaters in the West Loop, this is a consistently interesting and progressive piece. Among its assets is a remarkably sensual sound design from David Amaral that features the music of Dmitri Shostakovich. Thanks to surround sound that has the throbbing score coming at you from all directions, it’s quite the immersing experience.

Not all elements of the production are as successful. The acting—from a mostly young cast—is a very mixed bag with some performers over-emoting, and thus making the show fall into the very traps it is supposed to be fighting. Others (such as Meghan Reardon) naturally embrace the requisite minimalist but precise ambience.