Knox One of Three Colleges “Worth Attending”

A recent study shows that too many Illinois students are leaving the state to attend college, while not enough students from around the country are coming to Illinois to fill the gap.


Some five to 10 percent of high school grads, depending on the district, leave the state each year.

What’s more, not enough students come here from other states to make up for the students lost, the report says. That resulted in a net loss of 66,000 students between 1992 and 2002….

….Why? The reasons vary, but students complained in interviews with the researchers that the state doesn’t have enough attractive schools to choose from.

“They sweepingly generalized Illinois colleges and universities as either being ‘corn and bean-field colleges in the middle of nowhere,’ or urban commuter colleges with little campus life,'” the report said.

The students singled out three schools as their “only” good choices in Illinois: the U. of I., Northwestern University and Knox College in Galesburg.

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