Knox celebrates sustainability

From the Register-Mail:

There’s a movement sweeping across the Knox College campus and its proponents hoped to get more people involved with a picnic Monday evening.

The EquiKnox picnic, sponsored by the President’s Task Force on Sustainability, allowed students to eat their dinner outdoors and learn a little more about the movement known as sustainability. It’s something that has picked up quite a following in recent years and aims to make the college more environmentally friendly.

As part of Monday’s activities, students could register their bicycles with the Galesburg Police Department, help brick around the prairie plot and eat food using compostable utensils.

“Nothing will be trash,” said junior Abby Pardick of Gibson City, 20, a member of the task force. She said the college’s Eco House and the community garden both have composters, so all the dishes will be put to good use.