Students help plan more activities for youngsters

From the Register-Mail:

A new survey of activities available for Knox County youth shows plenty of options for younger kids, but a lack of activities outside of school for teenagers.

Organizers of the project hope the information will be useful to teachers, families and counselors and help prevent juvenile delinquency….

….Work began with Knox College student Martha Camargo, who created a survey with roughly two dozen questions as part of an independent study, and sent the survey to a wide variety of organizations in the area. After recording the data she received, the result was a chart on a piece of cardboard about four feet long.

Of 163 surveys conducted by mail, e-mail and phone, 111 were returned. The surveys resulted in information on more than 400 programs in Knox County. Dawnelle Glass, an intern from Southern Illinois University then took over the project and created the Youth Community Calendar, the 176-page document that lists Knox County activity opportunities.