Knox County Courthouse’s future up for debate

Excerpt from the Register-Mail’s Editors Roundtable:

What should the city do with its study on downtown development?

Need overall city plan first
The development ideas are interesting, although it’s difficult to understand why the public doesn’t have access to the whole study now. The community helped make this plan, paid $47,000 for the study and should see the entire proposal that’s now being considered by the council.

Among the items proposed are making the Public Square a downtown anchor, connecting Knox College to downtown via a civic mall along Broad Street and closing the intersection of South and Seminary streets….

Excerpt from a guest opinion in the Register-Mail:

I attended the courthouse committee’s meeting Tuesday evening and spoke briefly on the likelihood of the courthouse reverting to Knox College pursuant to the language contained in the 1869 deed. I concluded that the reversion was unenforceable (stale) due to two Illinois statutes.

But the meeting caused me to think about larger issues: what to do with the courthouse and how the public library’s problems could be solved as well. Here are my conclusions….