Knox Student Magazine Wins National Award

From WGIL radio:

Knox College’s student literary magazine, Catch, has received a Pacemaker Award as one of the top college literary magazines in the nation, selected by the Associated Collegiate Press. The 2008 Pacemaker is the fifth national honor that Catch has won in the past six years. The winning issue of Catch was published in Spring 2008. The editor in chief was Alice Holbrook.

“It’s nice to be recognized. We had an excellent editorial team and great submissions,” Holbrook said. “I was mainly overseeing and organizing the ideas and material brought by the editorial staff. If anything stands out, I have to compliment our layout editor, Kari Lefevre. Her design ideas are really brilliant.”

The faculty advisor for the winning issue was Gina Franco, assistant professor of English. “The design is elegant, understated in a way that makes the book a pleasure to hold and inviting to read,” Franco said.