‘Stars aligned tonight’: Spontaneous student march at Knox College a reaction to Obama’s victory

From the Register-Mail:

In what can only be characterized as a spontaneous, loud, but peaceful outpouring of joy, Knox College students spilled out of their dorms just minutes after hearing President-elect Barack Obama’s acceptance speech Tuesday night. Starting as a chanting mob near Four Name and Conger-Neil dorms, the group moved to the southern area of the Quads as fire alarms were pulled simultaneously in Sellew-Raub, Elder-Campbell and Sherwin-Neifert halls.

“All in all, the event was respectful, enjoyable and pleasant for the most part,” said John Schlaf, director of campus safety and former Galesburg police chief. “Everybody seemed to be in a good mood, and wanted to just celebrate a real unique event in American history, and wanted to be a part of it and enjoy it, and I think everybody did.”