Knox Students “Barack” the Vote

From WGIL radio:

Chants of Knox College students echoed into the early morning hours on the college campus. The sound of the celebration could be heard blocks away from the actual rally which included a student band along with a few hundred students singing and dancing. Students were celebrating a win for the President elect Barack Obama at their peaceful rally.

A few campus security officers were on hand, along with a police presence in the neighborhood but no uniformed Galesburg Police were at the rally. The students took the rally around downtown Galesburg with chants of ‘Yes We Can’ and ‘Obama’ and ‘We are change’ before the rally ended up in an open area on campus with the music and chanting and parting continued.

From the Peoria Journal Star:

Cheering Knox students lead a spontaneous rally Tuesday night to celebrate the election of Barack Obama as President.

About 400 students gathered in the college grounds and marched up Cherry Street to Main Street, pulling other revilers out into the street of the popular drinking district.

Chanting, “yes we can,” the two-block long parade went to Main Street and the public square. Standing on and around the central fountain, facing the flag, the group sang a joy-filled version of the “Star Spangled Banner.”