Healthcare No. 2 issue for local voters: Obama voters put more importance on healthcare

From the Register Mail:

By AMANDA WHITE of the Knox News Team

Eighty-four percent of Galesburg voters think healthcare is either an important issue or a very important issue in this year’s presidential election. However, when they were asked in the Knox College/Register-Mail survey what was “the single most important issue” to them, healthcare was named the second.

The economy came to mind first to 67 percent of all respondents, with a 57 percentage point gap between that and healthcare as second. Just 10 percent of Galesburg voters named healthcare their “single most important issue.”

In comparison, a 2004 survey Knox News Team/Register-Mail found that healthcare was “the single most important” issue. In addition, 91 percent of Galesburg’s voters said healthcare was either very important or important in their vote for president.

In this election, views on healthcare also seem to determine the presidential vote. In the 2008 election survey, 95 percent of Sen. Barack Obama voters said they believe that healthcare is either very important or important, as opposed to 58 percent of voters for Sen. John McCain.