Man fights diabetes to keep rest of body

From the Register-Mail:

Mike Keith is like a growing number of Americans. He was diagnosed with diabetes in 2000. And like an increasing number of Americans, he couldn’t afford the cost of medication.

He stopped taking the insulin pills doctors prescribed for him just months after the initial diagnosis. Five years later, surgeons started taking pieces of Mike’s lower left leg….

Other members of the community have reached out to help Mike Keith. Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service fraternity at Knox College, raised $1,000 and located a ramp the group wants to attach to the Keith’s home.

The gesture gave Keith some sense of hope — something hard to find when confined to a bed during the times doctors aren’t subtracting from his body to add to his life span.

“I have a wheelchair and I get around,” Keith said. “And chances are good they can save my right leg. That’s the hope I have right now — that they won’t have to cut off any more pieces of me.”