In Any Guise, Podesta a Smooth Master of the Transition Game

From the Washington Post:

To fully understand how John Podesta is managing the complex Democratic takeover of the federal government, you have to be familiar with Skippy, the evil twin.

Anyone who has worked for Podesta in the past decade knows Skippy, who first appeared during Podesta’s eventful years as chief of staff in the Clinton White House. As scandal rocked the end of that presidency, staffers knew they had better come prepared to meetings. Otherwise, nurturing mentor John would be replaced by Skippy — Podesta’s quick-tempered, edgy and sarcastic alter ego…..

Podesta grew up in blue-collar northwest Chicago. His father dropped out of high school after a year to help support his family and worked in factories his entire life. Podesta writes in “The Power of Progress” that he was able to attend Knox College and Georgetown Law School by working nights and receiving federal loans and scholarships. His well-traveled Washington career took him from the Justice Department to Capitol Hill to, eventually, the Clinton White House, where he was the “staff secretary” — and where he became the go-to guy to manage every scandal.