‘Anung’s First American Christmas’ plays in Chicago

From the Register-Mail:

Vitalist Theatre — co-owned by Knox College faculty members Liz Carlin-Metz and Robin Metz — quickly has become a prominent force on the Chicago theater scene. Now with its latest show, a holiday extravaganza, the theater team is reaching out to ensure that cast and audience members alike are exposed to new experiences.

“Anung’s First American Christmas” is taken from an oral story from the Ojibway tribe that was told to Knox College alumnus Carl Nordgren. After hearing the story, Nordgren wrote it down and turned it into a novella.

Last year Nordgren was a visiting professor of business at Knox. During that time, he sought the help of his former mentor, Knox creative writing professor Robin Metz, to edit the story. Metz shared it with his wife, Knox theater professor Carlin-Metz, who is co-founder and director of Vitalist Theatre.

Immediately the two knew it was a story that needed to be told as a play.