Ten Mayoral Candidates Minus One

From WGIL radio:

Local resident and businessman Terry Haywood issued a statement Wednesday evening saying he was no longer interested in becoming a candidate.

Haywood, a former reporter and editor of the weekly publication The Paper, says he’s thought long and hard about running since a published report suggested he might, but decided not to run after learning that Knox College Journalism Professor Marilyn Webb would.

Haywood says Webb is “an intellectually capable and forward-thinking person,” and says Webb has what it takes to help the city recover from the Maytag and Butler Manufacturing plant closures, and deal with other problems brought on by the recent economic downturn.

From the Register-Mail:

To date, state official Sal Garza, Alderwoman Karen Lafferty, former City Council members Margaret Hall and Rollie Paulsgrove, businessman Nathan Rockhold and pilot Eric Delawder also have announced their candidacies for the mayoral election. Former mayor Bob Sheehan, meanwhile, has been circulating petitions for the election, but has yet to formally reveal his plans.