Gale Scholar program motivates student

From the Register-Mail:

Knox College senior Stephanie Frambes realizes she may have never visited the Great Wall of China if it weren’t for her participation in the Gale Scholars program.

Established in 1996, the program is a collaborative agreement among Galesburg District 205, Carl Sandburg College and Knox to help first-generation college attendees and low-income students achieve a higher educational degree they otherwise may not be able to afford. Students apply for the program at the end of their eighth-grade year and participate in meetings and development activities through their four years at Galesburg High School….

“Because the cost of college was so much, I knew it would help out a lot,” Frambes said of her decision to apply for the program. “If I could just get four years where I didn’t have to take out a huge student loan, it would make getting my master’s (degree) more feasible.”