Knox College Commemorates MLK Day

From WGIL Radio:

An auditorium full of students got their chance to hear speakers, as well as songs, honoring a civil rights activist Monday.

Knox College students, faculty, and area residents gathered at Harbach Theatre on the Knox College campus to celebrate the life and teachings of Martin Luther King. It was mentioned numerous times that this would be a different kind of Dr. Martin Luther King day celebration seeing as Tuesday is the inauguration of the first black President in Barack Obama.

One of the speakers, Konrad Hamilton, Associate Professor of History and Chair of American Studies, says, King learned and carried his beliefs from those who came before him.

“He embodied the tradition of activist citizenship, descending from the founders of our republic, down through Frederick Douglas, Susan B. Anthony…Mother Jones, and countless others, famous and obscure, who believed that the truest way to show love for one’s country is to be an active participant in its government,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton’s presentation was called “The Audacity of Citizenship: The Meaning of King in the Obama Era”. He spoke about both the similarities and differences between King and Obama.